Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Beading FO's from Hawaii

Dateline: Emerald Hills, 2/6/08

I've finished all of the beading projects I started in Hawaii. In addition to the Swag Lace Necklace, which I featured in a previous post, they are:

Graduated Spiral Necklace, designed by Cindy Pankopf. Beads are strung for the core, then fringes are woven into the core to form the spiral. Cindy helped me choose colors over the phone before the Bead Away, and she did a great job.

Just Duet Cuff, designed by Wendy Remmers. This bracelet is reversible, and has a different color scheme on each side. The technique is similar to the spiral; first you make the core with herringbone stitch, then weave fringes into the core.

Crochet Away, taught by Katharine Rita. Freeform crochet with wire and beads. My crocheting is so loose that I used the wire very fast and kept having to add more.

Sugar Cube bracelet. This is the project I started at a weekly class held at the Maui Bead Shack. I started it over again at home, because I found that using SoftFlex wire without a needle made it difficult to weave into the beads. When I restarted I used Fireline with needles.

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