Thursday, September 17, 2009

Painting Shoes with Sassy Feet

Dateline: San Francisco, 9/13/09

My friend Vera talked me into taking a workshop on shoe painting and embellishing. She thought it would be fun because both of us are crafters (we're both members of the South Bay Knitters) and both of us love shoes. (Yes, I love shoes, but not as much as Vera does; she has a whole room in her house devoted to them.) The workshop was taught by Margot Silk Forrest of Sassy Feet, and was held at the Sewing Workshop in San Francisco.

We supplied the shoes and Margot supplied everything else we needed. She has a beautiful line of paints and glitters, plus beads, fibers, chains and other embellishments. I was worried that I didn't have the type of creativity needed to decide what to do with the shoes, since I wouldn't be working from a pattern, but only from my imagination. That turned out not to be an issue; I just chose colors I liked and started painting.

I managed to turn two old, drab pairs of shoes that I hadn't worn in years into something colorful and bright that makes me happy to wear. The first pair was Arche, a French brand that I used to buy a lot in the 80's. I painted over the now-drab purple with lime green topped with glitter, and painted the trim rust.

Then I took a dirty beige pair (I don't know why I ever bought them because I hate beige) and turned them into a multi-colored purple and gold. I also put glitter on a scuffed purse to try to hide the scuff marks.

It really was a fun day. I don't think I'll take up shoe painting as my next hobby, but I would be happy to do some more if Margot has another workshop in this area.


Margot Silk Forrest said...

It was great having your easy-going presence and adventurous color sense in the class, Fae! And you taught me that suede really can be painted successfully. Thank you!

Melody said...

Fae -- your shoes are fabulous!

alce said...

Wow, those turned out great!

Vivian said...

I love what you did with those old shoes, and those are very Fae colors :-)