Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Walking Around London

Dateline: London, 1/7/08 (July 1)

London is a great city for walking, and I feel as if I've walked around the whole city these past few days. I'm too tired to write a long post, but here are some pictures of the highlights.

Outside the British Library, where we saw manuscripts (including Beatles songs).

On the Tube.

The London Eye, seen from Green Park.

Walking across one of the Thames bridges.

Regents Canal (Jeffrey and Helene walked while we took a boat).

Waiting to board the London Eye (a slow-moving ferris wheel with large compartments, offering spectacular views of the city).

Parliament, seen from the Eye.

1 comment:

Melody said...

You obviously picked a perfect day for going up in the Eye (something i have yet to do). Did you know people rent the compartments out for things like weddings?

The Regent's Canal is something else i haven't experienced. One of the wonderful things about London: always something new to experience.