Thursday, June 26, 2008

Third Bracelet's a Charm

Dateline: Emerald Hills, 6/26/08

This is a good example of my difficulties with bracelet length. I fell in love with this design, from Yvonne Rivero's book The Beaded Bracelet IV, when I saw samples at her store in Sacramento, U Bead It. My first attempt at making it came out too short for me. The problem is that the beads that connect the flower clusters are loose, but the last step in making the bracelet is to reinforce the entire length a few times, which tightened the bracelet more than I expected. I sent the bracelet to my mother, but it's also too short for her, so she will pass it on to her sister Roz (mother of my cousin Jeffrey) or to Jeffrey's daughter Emily.

In my second attempt, I overcompensated and made the bracelet too long. I sent it to Mary Beth for her sister Christina. The third attempt came out just right. I'm keeping it!

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